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Rental Policies

All Purpose Rental is here to provide the best possible service and equipment to assist you in getting your job done in a proper and efficient manner.  We want every customer to leave here feeling like the received the best service and equipment that could be provided to them in the proper manner.  If you feel you have not received the service you expected please let us know and we will make it right.

 RENTAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Before you make the commitment to rent a piece of equipment we recommend you familiarize yourself with what you are going to be doing, whether you research it online, books, friends or other experienced professionals.  This will greatly improve your chance for completing your project successfully.  We are very knowledgeable about the use and operation of our equipment, we are here to make the best recommendations for you to help you complete you job with the best possible outcome.  Be ready to work when you rent, if your sanding the floor in the dining room have it cleared out beforehand.  Do not rent something you do not plan to use that day, or pick it up at 9am planning to use it at 3pm.

 RENTAL REQUIREMENTS: We require a valid Colorado’s driver’s license for all rentals, we may in some cases ask for another form of id.  We accept cash, check and credit cards as form of payment, all rental contracts are prepayment unless otherwise agreed upon.

 SAFETY: When you pick up the equipment, a staff member will give detailed instructions on the proper use and operation of the equipment. If you don't completely understand the instructions or feel uncomfortable in any way about operating the equipment, please ask for more information. We want all customers to leave here feeling comfortable that they are able to operate the equipment in a safe manner making for a positive rental experience.

 LOADING AND UNLOADING:  We will assist customer in getting the equipment loaded and secured.  We are not responsible for and damages that occur during loading, transportation or unloading.  It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure they are using a vehicle that can safely transport the equipment and have the means to secure it without damaging either the vehicle or the piece of equipment.

 EQUIPMENT RESPONSIBILITY: We expect that you take good care of the equipment while it is in your possession.  Rental charges cover use, not damages.  Generally, the rental store is responsible for equipment maintenance and will replace any wear part that breaks down during normal use, such as belts, blades, digging teeth and any other part that is a common wear item subject to replacement. But when damage occurs because of a customer's negligence or misuse, he or she is responsible for repair or replacement. We do charge for service calls related to problems due to misuse of the equipment.  ANY tire damage caused by customers such as nails, scrap metal, broken beads and or side wall damage to the tire is a cost that will be charged to customer.  For expensive equipment in your possession, construction equipment and tents are examples, you may need to provide on-site security. 

 RENTAL RATES: Make sure you understand the store's rates, store hours and equipment return policies. All rental items have a minimum charge whether it is by the hour, 2 hour, half day, whole day and week. Generally, equipment has a set minimum time that is less expensive than renting for the entire day.  We charge the first 8 hours of a 24 hour day and the first four days of a 7 day week.  We offer an overnight rate that starts an hour before we close and ends an hour after we open.  Generally the overnight rate is the minimum in most cases.

 DAMAGE WAIVER: We charge damage waiver on all of our equipment rented at a rate of 10% of the rental rate. Damage waiver is only optional to customers with a credit account that carry a rental clause in their business insurance policy, which is kept on file.   Damage waivers protect customers against any accidental damage to our equipment while in their possession (tire and glass damage not covered). Damage waivers DO NOT cover the following: theft, mysterious disappearance, negligence, intentional damage, misuse, abuse, or failure to treat our equipment as if it were their own. All damaged equipment or parts must be returned. Missing equipment or parts are NOT covered.  If it is damaged during the course of operation it is always best to let us know as soon as it happens.  Whether it is the customers fault or an equipment failure, continuing to operate damaged equipment can greatly increase the cost of repairs and greatly increase the risk of injury to the operator.  Customers who continue to use damaged equipment increasing the damages will be charged for the complete repair bill or potentially the replacement of the equipment.